Tuesday, March 1, 2016

DNA Immunization Technique in Diseases Research

DNA immunization is a technique for protecting an organism against disease by injecting it with genetically engineered DNA to produce an immunological response. It has a number of advantages over conventional immunization, including the ability to induce a wider range of immune response types.

DNA immunization, also known as gene immunization, polynucleotide vaccine and DNA vaccine, is a newly established immunological theory and technique first discovered in the 1990s. Compared with current protein vaccine, DNA immunization is safer and more inexpensive. Besides, it induces a more effective immune response and is easy to be prepared. With the potential application in some specific field, DNA immunization is not only been widely used in anti-virus, bacteria, fungi, parasites as well as other anti-infection immunity, but also plays a n important role in tumor immunology and autoimmune disease. Like all other groups, Creative Biolabs follows up with the updated technique in DNA immunization, and made their own innovation by putting DNA immunization in the production of antibody.

Creative BioLabs has developed Direct Antibody Technology™ (DAT) to produce custom polyclonal and monoclonal antibodies. As a highly optimized service, this DNA immunization technology relies on a proprietary genetic immunization procedure using plasmid DNA encoding the target protein of interest. The immunized hosts then produce the encoded protein and raise antibodies in vivo.

To ensure the accomplishment of the genetic immunization, the cDNA-encoded protein must be secreted by the transfected cells in immunized animals or expressed on the surface of the transfected cells. Creative BioLabs introduces the gene in the form of a cDNA directly into an animal, which translates this cDNA into protein thus stimulating an immune response against the foreign protein. As a result, synthesis and purification of protein immunogens is not necessary for this genetic immunization approach.

Creative Biolabs’ Direct Antibody Technology™ maximizes the likelihood of producing and maintaining the native structure of the antigen. The foremost advantage of this antibody production approach is its high success rate in generation of high-affinity antibodies recognizing membrane proteins (such as 7-membrane-spanning GPCR proteins, ion channels and other multiple membrane spanning proteins) in their native conformation, unknown proteins whose genes have been obtained, toxic proteins, insoluble proteins, proteins containing disulfide bonds, post-translational modified proteins, or large protein domains. For therapeutic antibodies, however, the antigens in their native conformation should be targeted with a high-affinity.

Creative Biolabs is a leading service provider in the field of DNA immunization