Tuesday, December 1, 2015

How to Increase Protein Production Capability?

With the common effort of the staff scientists and researchers, Creative Biolabs released its Single Protein Production (SPP) TM technology into the protein production market. This service is developed mainly for the R&D of high-throughput protein production.

In the SPP system, live E. coli cells are converted into a bioreactor producing only a single protein of interest in a high yield. A yield of 20–30% of total cellular protein can be obtained with our technology, which overwhelms all protein production methods known so far.

Its technology involves the introduction of an mRNA endoribonuclease or interferase in E. coli cells to disrupt the endogenous protein production. However, the cells retain full metabolic activity for RNA and protein synthesis. Therefore, when the mRNA for a protein of interest is engineered to be devoid of the mRNA endoribonuclease recognizing sequence without altering the amino acid sequence of the protein, the cells start to produce any single protein of your choice.

With the evolution of this technology, Creative Biolabs is now capable of producing any proteins with the SPP system. With the technology, protein yields can be kept without being affected even if the culture is condensed up to 40-folds, reducing the cost of protein production by up to 97.5%. The technology provides isotope-labeled proteins at a very high signal-to-noise ratio. More than 90% of the isotope can be incorporated into the target protein in the SPP system. Furthermore, a refinement of this technology has eliminated lengthy purification steps in the production of membrane proteins suitable for structural studies. 

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